AirSteril Silent AS20x

Health and comfort can be seriously affected by poor quality air in enclosed spaces. Improve the healthcare of care home residents, staff and visitors alike by eliminating all odours from incontinence and medical conditions. The AS10 is a completely silent unit which uses our unique thermal UV to eliminate unpleasant odours and control harmful bacteria and viruses both in the air and on all exposed surfaces 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The AS10 is completely safe for use in an area of continuous occupation such as care home bedrooms.


Poor ventilation, incontinence and medical conditions create bacteria and in many cases even regular cleaning and disinfecting are simply not enough, the addition of masking agents can make odours worse and do nothing to control the spread of microorganisms. AIRsteril gets to the root of the cause of the problem by controlling the bacteria and viruses, therefore improving the air quality and eliminating mould.


The Benefits of using AirSteril:

  •  Control bacteria and viruses in the air and on all exposed surfaces
  • Improve infection control and hygiene standards
  • Reduce absenteeism and labour costs
  • Improve the environment and protect residents, staff, patents and visitors alike
  • Clear embarrassing odours, eliminate masking agents
  • Extend the life of carpets and soft furnishings to normal wear life
  • Improve the care home image and increase occupancy rates


The AS20x Range is Perfect for:

  • Residential Homes
  • Commerical Spaces
  • Medical and Health Facilites (Waiting Rooms)
  • Childcares & Family Day Care Centres


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  • Product Specification AS20x:


    • Length: 345mm
    • Width: 185mm
    • Depth: 95mm

    Power Supply

    • 220-230V 15 watts


    • Anodised aluminium extrusion


    • 1.6kg


    • AS20 High Odour up to 25m2


    • Continuous, indicated by blue lamp.
    • Requires annual lamp change (See your specification sheet for Lamp Costings)


    • Wall mountable
    • Bracket supplied and tools provided


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