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What's hiding where?..

Updated: Mar 4

Part 2 of our series “What’s hiding where” our war on #germs continues as we delve into what we all would consider a #clean #environment - The Car!

Germs spread real quick and contamination by touch certainly makes it easier for bacteria to multiply everywhere we go. So let's highlight parts of your car that may expose the risk of illness.

First off, the rank:

1. The steering wheel. Which one would you touch?

Would you believe if i told you that your toilet seat has less #germs! In fact the steering wheel can have over 5x more. The next time you have that drive through item in your hand or #sneeze/#cough then grab an anti bacterial. MRSA will hate you..

2. The dashboard:

Turn on the radio, temp control on. Touch..Touch..Touch Plenty of opportunity for germs to find a home!

3. The boot:

The #boot of the #car carries a lot of #germs. Think twice about where the #food shop goes and #wash those reusable bags. Does the #dog sit in the back then so does their #dander.

4. The mats & footwell:

#Bacteria, #Mould and #Fungus live here plentifully. Think outside to in and a warm dark place, nice arena for our mate the germ. Shoes off anyone! Not in the car, leave them at the front door though.

5. Mould:

If there is a musky or #damp #smell and nothing is visible, #mould is possibly present underneath the carpet, there is also the possibility of #mould spores on the metal. Should you live in a more humid climate then you are more than likely accustom to the presence of #mould. A stationary car sitting in a warm humid #environment is an absolute haven, once something gets wet, no airflow or good drying conditions you are very susceptible to a #mould attack. So how bad is it?....

What are possible health problems from contact with mould?

In order to reproduce, #mould produces tiny particles called spores. #Spores are carried in the air and may cause #health problems if inhaled by people who are #sensitive or #allergic to them. These include a running or blocked nose, #irritation of the eyes and #skin and sometimes #wheezing. It is important to note that most people will not experience any #health problems from coming in contact with mould.


For people with #asthma, inhaling #mould spores may cause an asthma attack. Prevention is most certainly better than the cure.

6. The other car seat:

An article published in a UK newspaper revealed that a new study found the horrifying amount of #harmful #bacteria on #children's car seats. The study also revealed that almost half of parents (44%) clean their #child car seat less than once every six months.

7. Dust mites do not just live in the house:

This #microscopic relative of the spider feed on dust and will find it anywhere for a feast. Whilst there is no harm too human health they move around in the air. So, people that suffer #environmental allergies are very susceptible. Further info here.

At Purifi, we are all about prevention more than the cure and our mission on highlighting the facts of surface and airborne #pathogens, the #effects on our #health and #wellbeing is at the forefront of our business.

None of us should suffer if we all play our part, whether it is reducing the use of #chemicals in a #cleaning regime, focusing more on #illness prevention and living/working in a healthy building or car for that matter. We can make a difference and it is our intention to do so.

Thank you for reading and check back next week for our further publications.

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As always - Clean Air, Cleaner Living.

Scott & Steve.

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